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David working at the studio in the Chateau d’Heroville inFrance. With Spiders From Mars leader Mick Ronson. Pic: Joe Stevens

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Finding ET May Require Giant Robotic Leap |

Autonomous, self-replicating robots — exobots — are the way to explore the universe, find and identify extraterrestrial life and perhaps clean up space debris in the process, according to a Penn State engineer, who notes that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence — SETI — is in its 50th year.

"The basic premise is that human space exploration must be highly efficient, cost effective, and autonomous as placing humans beyond low Earth orbit is fraught with political economic, and technical difficulties," John D. Mathews, professor of electrical engineering, reported in the current issue of theJournal of the British Interplanetary Society.

If aliens are out there, they have the same problems we do, they need to conserve resources, are limited by the laws of physics and they may not even be eager to meet us, according to Mathews.

He suggests that “only by developing and deploying self-replicating robotic spacecraft — and the incumbent communications systems — can the human race efficiently explore even the asteroid belt, let alone the vast reaches of the Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud, and beyond.”

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Frank Sinatra | Summer Wind

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haku & chihiro 

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Look at him! He’s so happy! Congratulations Peter ❤

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Created by Alberto Arni || FB

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ah yes the wild herd of straight white boys

note their identical Nike socks and khaki shorts used to blend into their environment
what fascinating creatures

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I later froze to death.

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